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MIH FOUNDATION  Mediterranean Institute of Heamatology


In MIH Mediterranean Institute of Haematology, in addition to inpatient clinic , they are available activities of Surgery and Day Hospital that allow patients to receive hospital care without the need for hospitalization.

The Day Hospital is equipped with 7 single patients room and you can find it at ninth floor of 6 tower. It observes the following opening hours :

from Monday to Friday from 07.00 am to 09.00 pm

The main activities are:


- Specialist examinations and blood samples to those candidates to hematopoietic stem cell transplantation ( CSE ) from bone marrow and peripheral blood

- Specialist examinations and blood samples from donors of cse

- Checkups and blood tests to patients previously treated with transplant


- Bone biopsies

- Liver biopsies

- Skin biopsies

- Lumbar puncture

- Aug bone marrow aspirate

- Procedures for the apheresis of peripheral blood

- Positioning CVC

- Explant bone marrow

- Support therapies to patients post transplant


It is equipped of 4 beds in single rooms , each with bath / shower , TV and accommodation for one parent . Here they are hospitalized patients in acute unmanageable in Day Hospital - Surgery . Hospitalization in Ordinary is allowed the constant presence of a parent , remain prohibited outside views , while less restrictive provisions relating to the change of clothing , applied only in the case of clinical opportunities .

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