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MIH FOUNDATION  Mediterranean Institute of Heamatology

MiH Foundation

The M.I.H. Foundation - Mediterranean Institute of Haematology -, established in 2003 by the initiative of the Italian Foreign, Health and Finances Ministries, and the Lazio Regional Administration with the aim of realizing an international healthcare network focusing on countries where haematological and rare genetic diseases represent a widespread health and social problem, aims at playing a major role in promoting health policies and social interventions. While staying faithful to its original mission, over the years M.I.H. has chosen to widen its range of action and today comes across as an Italian agency of international health cooperation and as a promoter of strategies of inclusion. Initially specialised in the treatment of haematological diseases and of Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anaemia, M.I.H. is now directing its attention to Tropical neglected diseases and genetic and rare diseases and all those pathologies which interest the Near and Middle East, the area of the Mediterranean and Africa.
Among its principal aims, there are the reception of complex pathologies and the transfer to health university centres of excellence in Italy, the transfer of know how to partner Countries, the enhancement of the transplanting activities of stem cells for patients affected by Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anaemia, acting as a National Focal Point for activities of cross-border healthcare. Besides an initiative of health and social development cooperation, M.I.H. ends up as being an important International tool of Italy's foreign policy and achieves an Italian record in the fields of reception, growth and promotion of foreign health structures.

Prof. Aldo Morrone


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Director General

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Scientific Director

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The President

Prof. Aldo Morrone

The Director General

Prof. Valentino Martelli

The Scientific Director

Prof. Guido Lucarelli


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